Core ModuleĀ 15 Courses

This module is required for all AIU students. If you have not previously completed the AIU Core Module, this is where you start.

The cost for the Core Module is your non-refundable AIU Application Fee and your AIU writing handbook, Do It Write. As we process and review your application, you begin your AIU journey with the AIU Core Module, which includes the courses we consider to be foundational to our ministry DNA. We will determine the best degree program for you based on your educational, professional, and ministry background.

You have 12 months to complete the AIU Core Module. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us! Enjoy and God bless.

*Please note that not all Core Module classes have been offered yet, but will be added as they are.*

MIN 100: Ministry in the 21st Century

Core Module Course 1 of 15

BIB 101: Old Testament Survey Pt 1

Core Module Course 2 of 15

LDR 106: Relational Transformation

Core Module Course 3 of 15

BIB 102: Old Testament Survey Pt 2

Core Module Course 4 of 15

MIN 101: Developing a Ministry Model

Core Module Course 5 of 15

BIB 103: Old Testament Survey Pt 3

Core Module Course 6 of 15

MIN 301: Spiritual Gifts in the World Today

Core Module Course 7 of 15

BIB 104: Old Testament Survey Pt 4

Core Module Course 8 of 15

PDV 102: Five Fingers of God

Core Module Course 9 of 15

BIB 105: Experiencing the New Testament Pt 1

Core Module Course 10 of 15

BIB 106: Experiencing the New Testament Pt 2

Core Module Course 11 of 15

MIN 102: Rainbow God: The 7 Colors of God

Core Module Course 12 of 15

PDV 180: Transforming Debt into Blessing

Core Module Course 13 of 15

PAS 301: Public Speaking

Core Module Course 14 of 15

LDR 105: Apostolic Servant Leadership

Core Module Course 15 of 15