Transforming Debt into Blessing

This class will take you on a journey from owing a major portion of your monthly income to the world, through debt interest payments, to becoming completely debt free – able to pour tithes and offerings into the Kingdom of God. That’s a transformation from financial slavery to the blessings that come from activating God’s sowing-and- reaping promises.

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John Cummuta


As a Personal Finance Educator
John’s heart is for his fellow Baby Boomers, their children, and their children’s children. He has helped more than three million people worldwide position themselves to enjoy retirements most will only dream about. 

He’s a best-selling personal finance and small business author, having taught more than 3,000,000 people, all around the world, through his books, courses, videos, audios, software, webinars, and live seminars, including 13 with Tony Robbins Wealth Mastery Program.

One of his businesses was selected to Inc. Magazine’s prestigious Inc. 500 list three times.

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