Master of Christian Leadership

This program focuses on the teaching and training aspect of leadership. As you gain more experience as a leader and on your Mountain, you will not only be viewed as a leader, but you will likely be asked to train others. This program is for students who are ready to take the next step as leaders by teaching on their skills, experiences, and strengths.


Choose 1 of 3 Options

COM 103: Inspirational Teaching

Module 1: Course 1 of 3

COM 104: Writing Curriculum

Module 1: Course 2 of 3

Book Study

Module 1: Course 3 of 3

Book Study 1 of 3

On Innovation or Creativity

Book Study 2 of 3

On Mentoring

Book Study 3 of 3

Master Module 3: Personal Development

In what areas do you need to grow and develop?
Choose two books and complete a Book Study on each.
Prior approval required for book selections.


5 Required