Marriages That Last

Thank you for joining our free seminar – Marriages that Last. This course is taught by the Couples Discipleship Ministry. The marriage ministry meets every Sunday morning at 9am. For more information, please contact Pastor Loraine – 

This free course is brought to you by Skyway Church and ASCEND International University. To learn more about Skyway Church, visit us online @

Session 1 - Indestructible Love

With Pastor Loraine & Pastor Charlie Coleman

Session 2 - Unity

With Ralph & Cindy Jauregui

Session 3 - Blended Families

With Dondee & Marci Nettles

Session 4 - Not Wrong...Just Different

With Pastor Loraine & Pastor Charlie Coleman

Session 5 - Financial Intimacy

With Ralph & Cindy Jauregui


Pastor Loraine Coleman
Pastor Charlie Coleman
Ralph Jauregui
Cindy Jauregui
Dondee Nettles
Marci Nettles

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