AIU Program List

AIU Programs are listed below. Registered students can access their courses here. Prospective students can view the course lists but not access the course content. 

AIU Core Module

This module is required for all AIU students. If you have not previously completed the AIU Core Module, this is where you start.

The AIU Core Module is for all degree programs except the Chaplain Certificate.


Associate of Ministry Leadership

While this program is geared toward pastors, chaplains, and those who want to become pastors or chaplains, the courses in the program are also relevant to those who want to pursue ministry leadership in other settings. This program focuses primarily on the practical side of how to do ministry.

Bachelor of Christian Leadership

This program focuses on organizational leadership with a Christian perspective. It is for anyone who wants to learn more about who God has created them to be and how to walk in that authority. The program is not only for those in church leadership, but for anyone in or desiring to be in leadership on the Mountain(s) God has called them to.

Master of Christian Leadership

This program focuses on the teaching and training aspect of leadership. As you gain more experience as a leader and on your Mountain, you will not only be viewed as a leader, but you will likely be asked to train others. This program is for students who are ready to take the next step as leaders by teaching on their skills, experiences, and strengths.

Doctor of Christian Leadership

This program is for students who are confident in their identity in Christ and know who to walk out their identity with authority. They want to increase their leadership competency even further by writing the book God has called them to write – even if they’re not sure what that is when they first start the program.


Chaplain Certificate

The AIU Chaplain Certificate takes you through the chaplain courses only.

AIU Elective Courses

Throughout the year, AIU hosts classes that are not designated to any specific degree program. These courses are available for students to use to fulfill their elective requirements.