Bachelors (Monthly)

Terms and Conditions
Students enrolling in the bachelors degree program will be placed on a 24-month payment plan per the agreed upon monthly price. Students must make their monthly payments in order to 1) remain an AIU student and 2) continue to access courses. After two months of nonpayment, students will no longer have access to AIU courses until the student makes back payment(s) and are current on all payments. If a student completes the degree program before 24 months, the student may pay the remaining portion of the payment plan in full to graduate. A student cannot graduate from AIU with a balance on his/her account.

Sixty (60) days after graduation, students will no longer have access to AIU courses. Should a student want continued access to courses, he/she may participate in the alumni program, which will give students continued access to some AIU courses.